New Brunswick Group Launches Natural Gas Information Program

Program aims to provide more information about natural gas development and promote dialogue

New Brunswick, September 18th, 2015: Today an alliance of New Brunswick businesses and organizations launched the New Brunswick Responsible Energy Development Alliance (NBREDA), which will provide information about hydraulic fracturing and answer questions about the development of natural gas in New Brunswick.

NBREDA hopes to address the need for information identified in a recently commissioned public opinion survey of 500 New Brunswick residents in late July. In that poll, an overwhelming 92% of New Brunswickers said there is a need for more information about natural gas and hydraulic fracturing.

In response to the need for information, NBREDA is unveiling a new website ( dedicated to providing information about hydraulic fracturing and natural gas in New Brunswick. Aimed at promoting a two-way dialogue, the site includes information about how hydraulic fracturing works, answers to important and frequently asked questions and a library of independent, third party studies on the subject.

In addition, NBREDA will participate in education sessions throughout the province, place online and traditional advertising and be available to groups wanting more information on hydraulic fracturing and natural gas development.

Commenting on the announcement, Steve Moran, spokesperson for NBREDA said,

We asked New Brunswickers and they said they wanted more information so that’s what this is all about. Through this program, we hope to address any concerns that New Brunswickers have around hydraulic fracturing and natural gas development in NB through promoting a fact-based discussion.

Responsible development of New Brunswick’s natural gas resource brings with it important economic and environmental benefits that most people might not realize. We fully acknowledge however, that development of this resource, like any industrial activity, has an impact in the communities where work is conducted. We share New Brunswickers’ concern about safety and the environment and are very confident of our industry’s ability to minimize impacts. Ultimately, we believe it is essential that the people of New Brunswick fully weigh both the benefits of developing the Province’s natural gas resource and the impacts of doing so.

We’re proud to be working with so many organizations who want to play a part in improving the understanding of this industry and its processes,” continued Moran.

NBREDA member Joel Richardson said NBREDA will help facilitate an important public discussion about the province’s future. “The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters association joined NBREDA because our membership believes there needs to be a balanced discussion about natural gas in order for New Brunswick to give the potential opportunity a fair chance. The majority of the people we talk to want more information and they want their concerns addressed, this program is aimed at doing just that.


The New Brunswick Responsible Energy Development Alliance aims to provide important, fact-based information to New Brunswickers interested in learning more about hydraulic fracturing and the potential for natural gas development in the province.

The program aims to foster responsible development of our local natural resources so that New Brunswick will be able to take advantage of the benefits associated with shale gas development, today and for decades to come.

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