Local People. Real Stories

We recently sat down with people who have first-hand experience with the natural gas industry in New Brunswick. These people are from the Penobsquis area where over 40 wells have been drilled and there have been 109 hydraulic fractures without incident. What did we learn?

Communities and Natural Gas Can Co-Exist

We learned that communities, businesses and natural gas can not only co-exist but thrive. We heard from businesses that grew and expanded when natural gas development was happening in their area. We heard stories of how businesses benefited from the high safety standards and regulations of the natural gas industry.

We heard from landowners about how they felt when natural gas was coming, how they got informed and how they have had no negative effects to water, air or health as a result of natural gas activity on their property.

The Moratorium Hurts Businesses

We also heard that it is hard to survive when the industry has been all but shutdown due to the moratorium that’s in place. We heard about layoffs and the desire to expand if the natural gas industry is allowed to proceed.

See For Yourself

It’s a real-life look at how some of these people feel about natural gas in their community.

Cathy – NB Business Owner – Timberland Restaurant


Tony Bell – NB Contractor


Stephen Moffett – Land Owner