Our resources section outlines the latest information on many aspects of natural gas development. Check back often to learn the latest information.

Canadian Reports

  • Understanding Shale Gas in Canada (Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources) 2012
  • Exploring Natural Gas in New Brunswick (Province of New Brunswick) 2014
  • Upstream Dialogue: The Facts on Natural Gas (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) 2012
  • Shale Gas Facts (National Energy Board) 2012
  • British Columbia’s Natural Gas Strategy: Fuelling B.C.’s Economy for the Next Decade and Beyond (BC Ministry of Energy and Mines) 2012
  • Shale Gas Facts (Natural Resources Canada) 2012
  • Economic Impacts of Drilling, Completing and Operation of Gas Wells in Western Canada” (CERI) 2011
  • Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan: Building our Clean Energy Future (Ontario Department of Energy) 2010
  • A Primer for Understanding Canadian Shale Gas (National Energy Board) 2009

General Reports

  • Fueling the Future with Natural Gas: Bringing It Home (IHS) 2014
  • Age of Gas (General Electric Company) 2013
  • World Energy Outlook 2012 (International Energy Agency) 2012
  • Shale Gas: New Opportunities, New Challenges (Bipartisan Policy Center) 2012
  • The Future of Natural Gas (MIT) 2011

Economic Impact

  • Welfare and Distributional Implications of Shale Gas (Brookings Institution) 2015
  • Supplying the Unconventional Revolution (IHS) 2014
  • How Do Natural Gas Prices Affect Electricity Consumers and the Environment? (Resources for the Future) 2014
  • Energy for Economic Growth – Energy Vision Update 2012 (World Economic Forum) 2012
  • The Economic Opportunities of Shale Energy Development (Manhattan Institute) 2011

Environmental Impact

  • Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions From U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas Exports: Implications for End Uses (Carnegie Mellon University) 2015
  • Why Every Serious Environmentalist Should Favor Fracking (Centre for Policy Studies) 2013
  • Shale Gas Production: Potential Versus Actual Greenhouse Gas Emissions (MIT) 2012
  • Shale & Renewables: A Symbiotic Relationship (CITI) 2012
  • Assessing the greenhouse impact of natural gas (Cornell University) 2012
  • Mismeasuring Methane: Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Upstream Natural Gas Development (IHS CERA) 2011
  • Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Inventory of Natural Gas Extraction, Delivery and Electricity Production” (U.S. DOE) 2011
  • Life-Cycle Analysis of Shale Gas and Natural Gas” (U.S. DOE) 2011
  • Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Production (Dept. of Energy) 1999

Energy Infrastructure

  • The Interdependency of Natural Gas and Electricity Systems (MIT) 2014
  • Game Changer: How Shale Is Transforming Global Energy (Standard & Poor’s) 2014
  • Oil & Natural Gas Transportation & Storage Infrastructure: Status, Trends, & Economic Benefits (IHS) 2013
  • Driving on Natural Gas: Fuel Price and Demand Scenarios for Natural Gas Vehicles to 2025 (American Clean Skies Foundation) 2013


  • Changing the Game? Emissions and Market Implications of New Natural Gas Supplies (Stanford University) 2013
  • Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing (American Enterprise Institute) 2013
  • Natural Gas Liquids (Brookings Institution) 2013
  • The Modern Practices of Hydraulic Fracturing (All Consulting) 2012


  • Linking Energy Independence to Energy Security (International Association for Energy Economics) 2013
  • The Geopolitics of Natural Gas (Harvard & Rice University Experts) 2012