Hydraulic fracturing uses a fluid that typically consists of 99.5% of water and sand. The remaining 0.5% of the fluid is composed of between three and 12 additives, which are generally used to reduce friction, prevent bacteria growth, add viscosity (liquid thickness), preventing corrosion of pipes and to make it easier for gas and oil to flow to the wellbore.

hydraulic fracturing

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The Oil and Gas Industry support the full disclosure of fracturing fluid additives and the development of fracturing fluid additives with the least environmental risks. To this end, the BC Oil & Gas Commission (BCOGC) introduced the FracFocus website to Canada. The www.fracfocus.ca website is intended to provide objective information on hydraulic fracturing, fracturing fluids, groundwater and surface water protection and related oil and gas activities in Canada. Alberta, the Northwest Territories and New Brunswick have adopted this system and companies must disclose their chemical use for each well in these provinces.